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Fitcafe by mf8

Healthy Food | Pretty space

Enjoy your meals and meetings!


Healthy food restaurant and meeting space in Ibadan.

Fitcafe by MF8 is a division of My figure 8 wellness and events, where your total well being is our motivation. At the cafe, we serve healthy, delicious and highly nutritious food. We also have a meeting room that serves up to 24 people with tables and 40 people without tables.


Monday - Saturday | 8AM - 6PM
Sunday: As needed

Our Menu

Healthy food in Ibadan made with quality Ingredients. We Serve Only Tasty and Nutritious Meals

Eating healthy means going as natural as possible while enjoying every bite and sip! At Fitcafe by MF8, we strive to make healthy eating a pleasurable experience with our smoothies in Ibadan, salads in Ibadan, parfait in Ibadan, pasta in Ibadan and much more


Cucumber, Carrots, Cabbage, Sweet corn, Green peas, Lettuce with your choice of Avocado or chicken or lamb cuts or shrimps. Our salad is a meal on its own!

N1,200 - N1,500


Spaghettini in stir fried mixed vegetables with your choice of seafood, chicken or lamb

N1,500 - N2,500

Wraps and Sandwiches

Chicken, lamb, shrimps and avocado wraps; Chicken, lamb, tuna and avocado sandwiches all available

N1,000 - N1,500


Grilled chicken/fish/lamb with our choice of boiled or grilled sweet/irish potato or plantain.

N1,500 - N2,500

Coffee, tea, Smoothies, juices & Yoghurt

Instant or coffee from grounds, freshly pressed juice, smoothies, lemonade sweetened with cane juice, Zobo drink, Parfait and healthy snacks

N400 - N1,500

Healthy Food | Pretty Space​

Meeting room

Meet in style!

Our meeting room is cosy, beautiful and functional

Are you a corporate organization, trainer, coach, or an individual looking for a cozy yet functional space to host your retreat, meeting, training, workshop, seminar, hen night? Call us let's make magic together. We can also provide catering services for your events outside of our regular menu.
Our meeting room facilities include:

-20-24 people sitting capacity with tables,
-35-45 without tables
-55 inch Ultra HD, 4k smart TV: Connect and present from your phone or laptop or directly from the internet.
-Magnetic board for writing with marker, you can also attach a flowchart to the board
-Cozy environment which is very conducive for learning
-Clean and beautiful convenience

Healthy Food | Pretty Space​

Special Programs

Celebrate your special day!

Are you having a small party for your birthday, bridal showers, anniversary, proposal or promotion..?

We can host and create a special menu for you to suit your taste and budget. Single or 3 course meals, buffets or cocktails, the choice is yours